Pocso jihad: After failing to trap Kerala teacher in fake ‘rape’ case, jihadis plan to eliminate him

E. Binu

Does anybody remember him?

He was a comrade. He belonged to Nadapuram.

A case was filed against him for raping his neighbour Nabisu on prayer mat (let it be noted) and sexually assaulted her daughter. The Congress-led UDF took it up. Then Chief Minister A K Antony handed over compensation to Nabisu at a public function in Kozhikode. At the same function, with moist eyes, Muslim League leader Panakkad Shihab Ali Thangal beseeched in public to Allah:  ‘Oh Lord, let no one face similar plight as that of Nabisu.’

In a few days, Islamists of NDF delivered their barbaric Sharia justice by hacking him to death in public at Kallachi. Twist in the tale happened after the incident. Binu’s mother lost her mental balance. It so happened that every day the mother used to ask Nabisu: ‘My boy had gone to buy fish from the market and hasn’t come in yet. Did you see him, Nabisu?’

For the jihadi wolfs, intoxicated by Wahabism, there are only two kinds of human beings – Muslims and kafirs. For them, there is no difference between Comrade Binu and Sanghi Padmarajan -– both are Hindus — kafirs. Therefore, they should be eliminated. As simple as that.

After all, Nabisu is also a mother. Her heart might have pronounced her guilty in Binu’s murder. She and her husband called a press conference in which she said her family had property dispute with Binu’s family. Taking advantage of this, some radical Islamist outfits with Arabic names persuaded her to level allegations against Binu. She was offered money. (But never got it, she claims.)  Binu did not even touch her: In nutshell, this is what she told mediapersons.

Similarly, some three months ago, Padmarajan, a teacher in Kannur’s Palathai, was arrested for allegedly raping an 11-year-old Muslim girl student under the The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act. The police failed to file chargesheet against Padmarajan, as all charges leveled against him were found to be false and fabricated. The jihadi organizations were annoyed with Padmarajan because he supported CAA and worker of the BJP. 

There is no evidence whatsoever in the public domain to prove that Padmarajan is guilty of sexual harassment. Last year, the state witnessed registration of 4008 fake Pocso cases. In one such case, a woman had filed a case on behalf of seven-year-old daughter against her husband. In another, a 12-year-old filed harassment case against her father for not giving her a mobile phone.

In the Palathai case, the accused is a Sanghi man. The Home portfolio is handled by an anti-Sangh Communist. If there were any chance of foisting a sexual harassment case against a Sangh worker, the Marxist Party would have definitely done. That means that there is no evidence against Padmarajan to file a case under Pocso. If some police officer files a case, he would have to face the music later.

Then, the only point remains is the bite given by the girl and her friend to a TV channel. That can be manipulated by parents of the children. Padma Shri Sunita Krishnan painfully notes on her Facebook page how a 12-year-old inmate of her rehab centre had approached police with a sexual harassment complaint against her aunt and her two boys (they are also minors) for not giving a remote control. To take child = innocence = truth is an oversimplification facts and such reductionism would be at the expense of other people’s lives….

That means, Palathai Padmarajan is the next Binu. They are determined. Facebook walls and social media groups of Islamists announce the emergence of Djins (Djin is euphemism for Islamist assassination squads in local jihadi parlance). A video clip of a SDPI leader threatening murder of Padmarajan has been circulating for some time. For the jihadi wolfs, intoxicated by Wahabism, there are only two kinds of human beings – Muslims and kafirs. For them, there is no difference between Comrade Binu and Sanghi Padmarajan -– both are Hindus — kafirs. Therefore, to be killed. As simple as that.

If at all I have to say something, it’s to comrades who are namesake Hindus.  When you seat terrorist Abdul Nasar Madani on the dais or line up hijab clad Muslim women to build Women’s Wall to bring about renaissance in Sabarimala – you are actually digging our (kafirs’) graves. Place back your brains which you had kept in safe custody in your party offices. The party, which boasts of ‘instant retaliation’ to any attack on its cadres, had to satisfy itself by writing slogans on the walls against ‘communalism’ after an SFI activist Abhimanyu was hacked to death by Islamists, as it could not muster courage to retaliate. Why CPI(M) is doing like this? Dear Kafir comrades, think over this. This is an appeal. 

Postscript: Do you think those who murdered Binu had felt any guilty conscience when they came to know that the victim was innocent? No way. For them, the victim is a kafir and therefore there is no need to look into the merit of the act.