PM Modi accuses Congress, its allies of raising storm over Citizenship Act

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today accused the Congress and its allies of raising a storm over the Citizenship Act. He asserted that the Opposition parties were behind the unrest and arson in parts of the country.

The Prime Minister was addressing an election rally in Dumka district of Jharkhand. He lashed out at the Opposition alliance in Jharkhand, saying the Congress does not have any roadmap for developing the country.

Mr Modi said the leaders of the Opposition parties have only built palaces for themselves without being concerned about the problems faced by the people.

The Prime Minister said both the Houses of Parliament had passed the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill to give respect to the minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who fled to India. He said they were forced to live as refugees.

Mr Modi said the Centre and Jharkhand government have taken many welfare measures and initiated programmes for all-round development of common people.

Lashing out at the opposition alliance in Jharkhand, Mr Modi said Congress and JMM do not have a roadmap for developing the state. He said these parties have united together to grab power only, and they have nothing to do for the welfare of people, particularly tribal communities.


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