PLEASE! Poem by Shafna Shamsuddin

Painting Courtesy: THE ANGEL WINGS by Elena Kotliarker

Raised in hell, to be scared of lights
Prayed a lot, to get through the nights
Locked up lurking inside a glass cage
Waiting by the doorstep, hoping to fly, before I age

Someday I say, and I keep saying so
As the days pass by I believe it slow
My wings are rotting, and it’s heavy and low
Crushing my shoulders and draining my glow
Why would I not make the call
what would I loose even if I fall
I am already in pain, way beyond
What would I gain if I stay around

Push me out and I will learn to fly
if I would stay, for sure I would die…
Even if I can’t figure how to fly…
The fall would be worth, than living dry!

A Poem by Shafna Shamsuddin
© Shafna Shamsuddin 2021