Pinarayi Vijayan, leader of a party that unleash terror in the name of protests condemns protests, says nothing is more valuable than human life

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan, the leader of a party that unleash terror across the state in the name of protests said that there is nothing more valuable than human life.

Pinarayi Vijayan stated that protests staged across the state is affecting the COVID prevention activities of the government. He blamed that protestors are not adhering to COVID protocols and requested all political parties to act responsibly.

“The police force is working tirelessly for COVID prevention in the state. All should think whether transmitting COVID is the way to repay their services. They are also human beings. Everyone should understand that nothing is more important than human life”, he said.

CM added that one’s freedom to protest cannot be curtailed in a democracy. But the protestors should refrain from endangering the entire society with their actions. He said that a lot of these problems will be solved if the protestors stop violence unleashed to garner media attention.

“Protest marches are affecting the state detrimentally. The High Court has stated whatever it could on the subject. Police cannot maintain social distancing while controlling protestors. Sometimes they have to use force to bring the protestors under control. All this increases the chance of disease transmission. Even senior police officers are contracting the disease.”

Political parties that have commitment towards the state should maintain proper protocols under these circumstances. The Chief Minister also said that he hopes the repeated requests made by the government, will yield results.

According to police records, 172 political murders have occurred in the state since 2000. Of these, the RSS and the BJP have together lost 65 party workers and 11 activists each of the Congress and the IUML have also been killed in this period. The losses to public as well as private property due these protests cost crores, says report.