Pinarayi trying to destroy Sabarimala with the help of evangelicals, anti-Hindu forces: RSS

    ഫോട്ടോ: കുമാര്‍ കാസര്‍കോട്‌

    To counter the Left Front government-sponsored ‘Women Wall’ in a bid to show that the women in Kerala are game for breaking age-old traditions (read young women’s entry to Sabarimala), the Hindu organisations on Sunday organised a massive rally, turning Kasaragod town into a saffron sea.

    With the support of foreign-funded evangelical and anti-Hindu forces, the CPI(M) is trying to destroy Sabarimala, said senior RSS leader while addressing the gathering. According to him, even before EMS Namboodiripad and Pinarayi Vijayan were born, the reform process had started in Hindu Dharma. In the name of reform, the CPI(M) is trying to destroy Hindu Dharma. The phenomenon like ‘Love Jihad’ and clandestine conversions are taking place from the perception that Hindus are not united.

    At a time when the CPI(M)-sponsored women’s meets are witnessing poor attendance, the meetings organised in support of protection of traditions saw huge turnouts. This is said to have triggered panic among the CPI(M) cadre.

    The Women’s Wall is also seen as an effort to retain the lost ground. The Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, had called a meeting of about 192 Hindu organisations — many of them the Communists had earlier dismissed as seeking support for the wall. But about 52 organisations withdrew immediately after they got wind of the design of the CPI(M) that the wall was in support of violation of age-old traditions in Sabarimala.

    Manju Warier hits a wall

    Meanwhile, noted film star Manju Warier who posted a video supporting CPI(M)-sponsored Women’s Wall event has withdrew from it, saying that she didn’t realise it was a political programme. Warier, also the brand ambassador of Kalyan Jewellers, faced public wrath when she posted the video. Immediately a social media campaign was started calling for boycott of Kalyan Jewellers. However, with her withdrawal, the management of Kalyan Jewellers can heave a sigh of relief. Also the producers of blockbuster film Odiyan will also be feeling a sense of relief as Warior is the heroine in the movie.




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