Pets and their Vastu

Our Pets make us feel loved, wanted and important.  The moment you enter your house, your Pet runs to the door to greet you so lovingly, all your day’s tiredness and stress vanishes away immediately.  We all love keeping pets, don’t we. According to Hindu Puranas, there are certain animals that bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and any kind of good fortune. Even Vastu supports this idea that keeping animals at home can change the energy of that place. Let’s look at some Vastu Shastra to find out more about pets who bring in good luck, health and harmony in the house.  Also, where and how they should be placed.

Animals that bring in good luck, health and harmony

Animals such as dogs, cows, rabbits, buffalo, horses, parrots, fish, frog and turtles prove to be good pets as they symbolise good fortune and attract positive energies.


Rabbits bring in warmth and sophistication in the house — they are also known to cure people of thyroid.

People who have pigeons as pets can be cured of dementia and paralytic attacks — they also help in people having better memory.

Cows are highly revered in Hinduism and they apart from the milk they provide, they can also remove all negativity in the house. This apart, keeping the cow as a family member can also help in making the bond of the family better — a cow can make the maternal instinct of a woman even better.

Fish even though cold-blooded, can bring in good energy of the house through their movement in water — the more they move about, the better it is. It is said that fish promotes good health and well-being and more the variety of fish, the better it is for the family.

Keeping a dog is highly beneficial for a family, especially those with kids — petting a dog eradicated ill-health in the family.

Even though frogs are not always welcome in the house but according to Vastu, the noise that frogs make while in the water adds to the fortune and wealth of a house. Frogs also promote the togetherness of the family and they help in stressful situations in the family — helping them tackling family issues better.

Horses display power and prestige — those who own horses do exceedingly good in life and also have a successful career.

Animals that bring in negativity


According to Hindu mythology, cats bring misfortune in a house — hence people should be discouraged from keeping cat as a pet. Cats are also said to be cold and elusive — this can in fact reflect on the family as well.

Parrots even though extremely common are not considered good pets — since they are kept in a cage, they are considered bad for the house. Anyone who pets them can land in bad luck.

Plenty of light and fresh air should be available in the place where these animals are kept.

Pets home should preferably be kept in the north northwest and east direction. This will not only keep the pet healthy and increase its life but will also bring prosperity in the house and keep the health of the family members good. South east and south west directions should be avoided as they can make them restless and unhealthy.

Having a pet in the house also improves the bond within the family and there is less depression and more happiness in the family.

While going out for vacations, the pet should be handed over to some pet day care or to some friend or relative. Pets attach themselves emotionally and it is seen that they even skip meals if their owner goes out for a few days! So leaving your pet unattended and crying can create a lot of negative vibrations in the house.