Palestinian children learn Hebrew ‘to know the language of enemy Israel’

Gazan students are learning Hebrew in order to understand the Israeli nature and remain firmly connected to the Palestinian cause, according to a report in An-Najah NBC, which was translated and published in MEMRI website.

The reports quote Tamara Al-Masri, one of the students, who said she is learning Hebrew because she sometimes needs to translate invoices in Hebrew and because she wants to connect to new cultures and open up to others.

Another student Rami Rumana said he wants to know the nature of the Israeli public, its culture, and its way of thinking. The reporter said that some people believe that studying Hebrew is a “cultural invasion” against political society, while others believe that it is better to understand the language of one’s enemy.

Ahmad Al-Fulayt, one of the school’s Hebrew teachers, said that Palestinians have shown an increased interest in studying Hebrew and that it enables them to understand Israeli media without relying on translations that may be unreliable.

The report also showed a student saying in Hebrew: “It is important to know the language of the enemy in order to understand his way of thinking.”


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