Pakistan’s Coronavirus Cases Rise To 1,500 & Death Toll To 12; Govt. least bothered about pandemic

The Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have reached up to 1,500 on Saturday, revealed reports, while the death toll of the country due to the virus stands at 12. According to reports, Pakistan has recorded the highest number of Coronavirus cases in South Asia till now.

However, when the world is together battling to save lives of millions from the pandemic coronavirus, it seems that Pakistan is least bothered about its people.

Pakistan has a deteriorated healthcare setup and put millions in risks after it permitted a congregation of a quarter of a million Muslims in Lahore from different parts of the world.

Pakistan has not taken any action to combat the pandemic when it has reported over 1300 cases and is literally ignorant about the rising numbers.

According to reports, two Palestinian men had recently returned from Pakistan after attending the event. They were among those 250,000 people that gathered in Lahore from March 10-15.

Journalist Kunwar Khuldune Shahid wrote,” Pakistan’s numbers are prodigiously under-reported, one can imagine the actual gravity of the spread that might have been caused by the millions who came together for the latest Friday prayers.”

Earlier, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan denied to impose a country-wide lockdown and asked the people to go in self-quarantine. He had claimed that a lockdown in his country would impact the economy as twenty-five percent of the population are under poverty.


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