Pakistani ruling party addresses Modi as a butcher; charges PM for suppressing Kashmirees

Pakistani ruling party addresses PM Modi as a butcher; charges for suppressing Kashmirees

Pakistani ruling party PTI has accused Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of pushing Pakistan into a war. In a provoking tweet criticizing Narendra Modi, the official twitter handle calls PM Modi is a ‘butcher of Gujarat’ and ‘monster’. The tweet has invoked stringent criticism from across the globe.

The tweet accuses PM Modi a monster who ‘supervised the murder of over a thousand Muslims. It also asks to imagine the ‘atrocity’ PM Modi would inflict on the people of Kashmir by suppressing their voices.

The tweet has come when Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rally is to start from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Imran Khan’s decision to hold the rally is widely considered as an attempt to distract from Pakistan’s failure in UNHRC. Imran Khan says that the rally from Muzaffarabad is intended to inform the world about the continued exploitation of Indian troops in Kashmir and to prove that Pakistan was with Kashmiris.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez had earlier rejected Pakistan’s demand for an immediate intervention in Kashmir. The Secretary-General said that India and Pakistan alike would only mediate if requested. Various other means that Pakistan used to seek support for Pak stand on the issue also were failures. It is in this context, Pak Prime Minister come up with an idea of a rally.