Pakistani experts feel ‘Kashmir issue’ is gone case

Pakistan analysts and politicians are upset the way the issue of Kashmir is developing with US President Donald Trump virtually endorsing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stance that “no third party is required” and no country is ready to accept its stance on the issue.

Pakistan’s panic was evident in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the nation in which he warned of possibility of a nuclear war. But Notwithstanding the nuclear blackmail and tough talks by Khan, Pakistani analysts feel that the Kashmir issue has “gone out of our hands”.  Imran Khan’s exhortation that all Pakistanis should come out of their houses on every Friday and stand from 12-12.30 in solidarity with Kashmiris has few takers. Even opposition politicians are criticising Khan for such initiatives. Trolls had a field day with many making fun of the suggestion.

Meanwhile, after tough talk by Pak PM, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi sought to downplay the rhetoric by saying that Pakistan doesn’t want to escalate the tension in the region.  Trump’s remarks have not gone down well with Pakistan. “I think they (PM Modi and Khan) can do it (resolve the issue) themselves,” Trump said. Then Modi said: “There are many bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, and we don’t want to trouble any third country. We can discuss and resolve these issues bilaterally.” Modi’s statement is viewed as a polite riposte to Trump who offered to mediate on Kashmir issue couple of times in this month.

In the wake of total rejection of Pakistani stance, PM Imran Khan said he would himself become the “ambassador for Kashmiris” and take the plight of Kashmiris to the world capitals. Khan on Monday talked to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz over phone to apprise him of the situation in Kashmir.

Pakistani army veterans and commentators are upset with the stance of “Muslim Umma” which refused to stand by Pakistan on the issue.

Pakistan will do everything possible to foment trouble in Jammu and Kashmir. It is hoping against hope that violence spiral in Jammu and Kashmir so that it could tell the world that all is not well in that Union Territory. “No crystal ball is needed to see what will soon occur in India: once the Modi government restores some semblance of normalcy to the valley, the uprising will begin. Violence will spiral out of control; it will touch and reignite old prejudices between Hindu and Muslim in an India that grows more polarised under a man who must divide in order to rule,” writes Hassan Niazi in Express Tribune.

A section of the Indian politicians also hope that situation worsens in Kashmir.