Pak will kill every Baloch to make Balochistan safe for Chinese: US scholar — Video


The Pakistan Army continues to carry out a brutal crackdown on Balochs, killing and maiming thousands of men, women and children.

Recently, Human Rights activists and victims assembled in Geneva and adopted a resolution where they asked the international community to come forward and urge the Pakistan government to stop the brutal oppression of Balochs.  “The international community must come forward and urge the government of Pakistan to refrain from the use of oppressive measures leading to human rights violations against the Baloch. It must take immediate measures to ensure that the perpetrators of human rights violations within the Military, paramilitary and proxy organizations of these States to face justice,” the resolution read adopted at the Broken Chair during the ongoing 40th session of the UNHRC.

Meanwhile,  American scholar C Christine Fair said, “Pakistanis will collude with the Chinese to kill every Baloch to make Balochistan and its resources safe for Chinese exploitation.”


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