Onam Kit: Kerala Supplies adulterated Jaggery through SupplyCo

In a shocking report, Kerala food safety department has found that the jaggery supplied in the Onam kit provided by the Kerala government is adulterated. Finding that the jaggery is not edible, the department has seized the product while being packed at Kozhikode’s Koyilandy.

As per reports, the packing took place two weeks ago in the auditorium of a private individual at Chemancherry Panchayat’s Thiruvangoor. Following inspection, the food safety department found that the jaggery brought in to be included in the Onam kit was unfit for human consumption.

SupplyCo brings jaggery from various distributors and makes it under their own brand. Surprisingly the packet did not mention the expiry or date of manufacture of the jaggery. As per reports, a large difference in weight was also found.

It was after Kerala Janam Tv exposed the packing of jaggery, the food safety department sent it for inspection. Officials said that according to the preliminary report, jaggery was found to be adulterated.

SupplyCo is already facing serious allegations on the total cost of the Onam kit which is now being investigated by the State intelligence department. Following the incident, the quality of the food supplied by the state-owned SupplyCo is also questioned.