On Doctors’ Day, Poetess Dedicates Her Debut Anthology To Health Workers Across The World

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As the world celebrates Doctors’ Day, a poetess in the US has dedicated her debut anthology for all health professionals across the globe. Anie Mathew, hailing from Kerala living in the US is the poet who has come up with a gesture of love for all those health professionals who is spending sleepless nights fighting with the global pandemic COVI-19.

It was before the onset of the pandemic Anie Mathew started compiling ‘The Solivagant’ an anthology of poetry. However, the works came to a standstill as the world plunged deep into a crisis due to Coronavirus. Anie Mathew who works as the Director of Patient Services / Public Relations in a Rehabilitation Center in Chicago was also hugely affected by the same.

“Like that of other writers, the project stands very close to my heart, especially because it is my debut book, however, I was traumatised by what happened afterwards,” says Anie. “The pain and suffering were so much that at a point of time, I wondered if the project would be translated into reality. I am glad that the dream, finally, has come true,” she added.

Nevertheless, though the content of the book remains the same, recent experiences that she had in the US has made her revise the dedication. While earlier the work was dedicated to her daughter Supriya who is a medical counsellor in the US and sister Reena, a medical doctor, Anie thought she would, in turn, make it a tribute to those medical doctors and health workers who have been struggling to control the pandemic.

“As a person working in the health industry, I know very well the sacrifices made, still being made, by health professionals across the world,” Anie said. “If dedicating this book would spell my gratitude for them, that would be one of the greatest things that I can do for them.” Anie further said. The US is one of the hugely affected by the pandemic.

‘The Solivagant’, a collection of poems including haikus published by Indus Scrolls Press, is getting ready for distribution. Due to the changed circumstances, the poet is planning for an online launching of the book. Though many of her works have been published in anthologies and in other platforms, this is the first independent book by the multi-lingual poet.