‘Omkar’ can change your life!

How and when did the letter “AUM” come into being? Since the letter AUM appears in all the Vedas, it is considered to be as old as the Vedas, or as relevant as the Vedas. The letter AUM represents profound principles. The word Veda literally means knowledge. All such knowledge is contained in the letter AUM. It is not wrong to say that the scripture originated from the letter AUM itself. Hindus consider Omkar to be a symbol of elevation from darkness to light.

Omkara is a combination of the three letters Aa, u and ma. Each letter contained in it has its own scope of meaning. ‘Aa’ stands for primitiveness, ‘U’ stands for excellence and ‘Ma’ stands for limit. That is why Omkar is described as the representing force of creation. In the Vayu Purana, ‘Aa’ refers to Vishnu, ‘U’ to Shiva and ‘Ma’ to Brahma in the Omkaram Puranas. The Garuda Purana records that those who know Omkara will become yogis. All that is in this world is only the indestructible letter Aum. Everything in the past-present-future is only a sub-interpretation of that letter.

Omkara is the one who has transgressed all the three seasons. ‘Brahma created the male form of Brahma in the lotus leaf. Brahma created Omkara. Gopatha Brahman states that ‘Omkara created the universe’. According to Kathopanishta, Omkaropasana is the best way to attain Parabrahma or Aparabrahma. According to Katupanishta, the best way to attain Parabrahma or Aparabrahma is to worship the goal of becoming a Brahman by touching the arrow which becomes the soul in the bow of Pranava.

Omkara Meditation It is considered very pious to meditate on Omkara, the birthplace of all mantras, all Vedas and all deities. It is better to light a lamp in front of the Omkara form and chant continuously every day according to 108,1008. But while pregnant women never chanting Pranav. Omkar may have the ability to alter blood circulation. Acharya Praktam says that Pranavopasana should be performed on all three evenings – morning, noon and evening. The practitioner should be facing north. Pranavopasana can awaken and revive the soul.

Pranavopasana can awaken and revive the soul. It is believed that Omkaropasana awakens the dormant Kundalini energy, transmits it to the Sahasrara Padma through the spinal cord, and showers, It is believed that Omkaropasana can also bring nectar of Shiva.


Article by Vijeesh CP Nair

(This article contains references from various articles, websites etc. For educational purpose only)