Now CPM bares fangs at Muslims

The killing spree of CPM continues in Kannur. A Muslim Congress worker has been brutally murdered on Monday

The ruling CPM landed in a soup after the brutal murder of (30), a youth Congress worker, in Kannur. Shuhaib, Youth Congress Mattannur block secretary, was hacked by a group of CPM goons on February 12. He succumbed to injuries on Tuesday. A group of CPM men first threw a crude bomb and then hacked the victim with sharp weapons. Police sources reportedly confirmed that CPM workers were behind the attack.

With the murder of Shuhaib, the Congress broke the silence and came down heavily on the state-sponsored terror in Kerala. “This is the 21st political murder happened in Kerala since CPM came to power. The police in Kannur is a mute spectator, as the CPM is in control of everything. They are eliminating their political rivals in the most inhumane manner,” said senior Congress leader and Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala while condemning the brutal murder. The Congress leadership, which turned a blind eye to the murders of RSS-BJP workers in the state, is now harping on the Red terror and ‘CPM’s thirst for blood’. In a Facebook post, Ramesh Chennithala urged the people and Congress workers to protest against the Red Terror. Instead of getting solidarity from the public, he received the full wrath of people for observing a vow of silence against the murder politics of CPM till a Congressman is dead. The Congress called for a dawn to dusk hartal on Tuesday in protest against the murder.

However, the CPM has come up with a public statement in denial of any role in the attack. “We will look into what has happened and if any of our party members are involved, then appropriate action will be taken. But what we are told is that our party has no role in it,” said the newly reelected CPM Kannur district secretary P Jayarajan, who is also an accused in several murder cases.

But a video of CPM rally held last week, that was going viral on social media has put the CPM in a pretty pickle. In the video, CPM workers are seen raising provocative slogans against the slain Congress leader. “Shuhaib, you will not live long. Your days are numbered,” sloganeering CPM workers yelled in the video.

Speaking to Indusscrolls, RSS national executive committee member and Prajna Pravah national convener J Nandakumar said, “Congress was always in a denial mode whenever we raised the issue of Left Vs Rest, especially in the context of Kannur. Congress leaders had to wait till yet another murder of their worker to accept the fact that it is CPM which turns Kannur a killing field.” Shri Nandakumar, a nationalist intellectual who pioneered to usher in a tectonic shift in the popularly perceived narrative of political violence in Kerala, peddled by Lutyens’ media at the national level.

“In Kannur alone, so far 47 Congress workers were murdered by CPM. But the Congress leadership always tried to paint the Kannur issue a CPM Vs RSS feud for short-term political gains. The same happened in Tripura, where dozens of Congress workers had fallen prey to CPM violence but the Congress never blamed the CPM because they needed Communist support in Delhi. As a result, the party is now facing a total extinction in the state. The Congress in Kerala will also meet the same fate,” he added. In recently held India Today Conclave in Hyderabad, when Nandakumar raised the issue of ‘Left Vs Rest’ in a session on ‘Political Violence’ in Kerala, the Congress spokesperson downplayed it masquerading as an onlooker, than a victim, in the issue. Still, the moderator Rajdeep Sardesai, who laboured very hard to maintain his ‘CPM Vs RSS’ narrative, had to concede, in his concluding remarks, to the fact that the CPM is ultimately responsible for the bloodshed and violence in Kerala.

The murder of Muhammad Shuhaib has opened a Pandora’s Box in Lutyens’ Delhi where the CPM projects itself as a guardian angel of minorities. It has also opened a new debate in Kerala on the veracity of the claim of CPM as various Muslim groups on social media dug up the history of Thalassery riots (1971) in which the Judiciary Inquiry Commission had found that the CPM instigated the riots against the Muslims in Kannur and abolished over thirty mosques during the course of the riots.


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