Not in North India, Villagers carry dead body on shoulders for 3 kilometres in Kerala

Image: Video Visual from Mathrubhumi News

While Kerala media is still looking for stories revealing pathetic living from North India, a report from India’s highly literate and developed state Kerala shocks the human conscience. The report says that men from a tribal village had to carry the dead body of a man who committed suicide on their shoulder as there were no ambulance or jeep to carry the body.

Soman, 42, from Kunjipara Colony, was found hanging inside his house recently. The authorities asked to bring the body to Kothamangalam hospital for post-mortem. But since there was no road, no ambulances came to the colony, the villagers were forced to carry the body on their shoulders. Neighbours then tied the dead body in a mat and walked for three kilometres to reach Kallerimet from where the body was taken in a jeep to Blavana Pass and then to Kothamangalam hospital.

It is a long-standing need of locals for the construction of a bridge and road to the Kunchippara Colony at Kuttampuzha Panchayat. If the river is flooded during the rainy season, the colony turns completely isolated. However, the authorities have never considered the plea of the people of the village.


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