Noose tightens on Azam Khan in land-grab case, sister detained

Samajwadi Party MP Mohammad Azam Khan is in trouble as the investigations into corruption and land grab cases against him gaining momentum.

The police on Friday detained Khan’s sister Nikhat Aflaq for questioning in connection with a land grab case. There are allegations that the Jauhar Trust run by Khan had grabbed land of poor farmers. Nikhat is the Treasurer of the Trust.

Complaining about the way Nikhat was arrested, her sister Nasreen said, “The police picked up my sister and took her away. We were not told the reason for her arrest or detention. She is a senior citizen – over 70 years old – and does not keep well.”

Superintendent of Police Ajay Pal Sharma said that Nikhat Aflaq was being taken care of well. “She is the treasurer of the Jauhar Trust and we needed to question her regarding the complaints filed by farmers about land grabbing by Azam Khan. There is no human rights violation. The investigation team  wants to interrogate her.”