No way Rahul Gandhi can claim to be a Brahmin

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat visits have attracted so much attention all over the country. The ‘Twitterati’ went overboard over his visit to the Somnath Temple and the entry of his name on the register meant for non-Hindu visitors. Suddenly everybody wanted to know Gandhi’s religion. This could be because earlier on many occasions Gandhi has been quoted as being a Christian, and he neither confirmed it nor did he deny the same. In response to the questions being asked, Randeep Surjewala held a press conference claiming emotionally that BJP had stooped lower than hell, in their bid to win Gujarat elections. He then went on to claim that Rahul Gandhiwas not just any Hindu, but a ‘janeu dhari’ Hindu. ‘Janeu’ is the holy thread (3/6 threads actually) worn on the upper torso of a ‘twice born’ male, from any of the upper caste (usually Brahmin) in Hinduism. He went on to show photos as proof of the same. Readers may remember that earlier too Gandhi had claimed in UP that he was a Brahmin. And now Hindus are really upset and Twitter is in a frenzy…

Why are the Hindus really upset? It can’t be that they have a problem with a non-Hindu ruling the country. After the British rule we have had many instances when a non-Hindu was the President of the land and they all have been well respected. Even when Dr. Manmohan Singh, a Sikh was the PM, no one ever passed any comment about his religion. Then why is only Rahul Gandhi facing criticism? The reasons are manifold:

  • For generations, Hindus have been made to believe that we have a regressive caste system wherein you are born into a particular caste – ie. if you have Brahmin parents, you become a Brahmin and so forth. Hindus have cried hoarse trying to explain that there was never any caste system in Hinduism and that it was the Britishers who implemented this system with a purposeful misinterpretation of the Laws of Manu. But all these cries have fallen on deaf ears of the Congress & Communist Parties of Bharat and our Education system has repeatedly enforced into young minds that we have a regressive caste system which is more evil than other evils like Religious Intolerance, Racism, Class & Creed differentiation which exist in other countries.
  • The direct effect of the above was the enforcement of the reservation system in education and jobs, which has reached ridiculous levels of above 50%. Not just that, merit finds no place in this reservation system at all and it has been often observed that even those who fail find a place in colleges / offices just based on their caste category.
  • While those who are poor but deserving, find no respite from the reservation system, those who have benefited from the Reservation system do not hesitate to benefit from it again and again via their future generations. All this has made the so-called ‘upper caste’ people feel that they are being punished for no fault of theirs.
  • The Congress from the beginning and more so after Indira Gandhi, has been at the forefront when it comes to Brahmin bashing and flaunting the lower caste uplift card.
  • After late Rajiv Gandhi became the PM, there has been a steady increase in the open as well as surreptitious proselytising into Christianity. Almost all of the Northeastern states had seen a steady rise in Congress Government aided conversion. In fact Congress manifestos in these states earlier proclaimed support to such conversions.
  • It is no secret that many NGOs which are receiving both, open and covert, support from the Congress are actually doing missionary and proselytising work. Direct links between Sonia Gandhi and the Vatican are being spoken about in hushed tones.
  • Now suddenly the very same Gandhi family and their Congress party claims that Rahul Gandhi is a Brahmin! The son of a Christian mother (Sonia) and the grandson of a Parsi (Feroze Gandhi) is a Brahmin? How? If Hinduism is so regressive and one has to be born to Brahmin parents to be a Brahmin, how did Rajiv Gandhi (Rahul’s father & Feroze’s son) become a Brahmin? Even if we were to presume that Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi were Hindus and Brahmins, there is no way that Rahul Gandhi can claim to be a Brahmin. If this claim of Rahul Gandhi being a Brahmin is logically correct, Congress must accept that Hinduism is progressive and accepts all as Brahmins and that caste is not a result of birth. Do they have the guts to say that openly?
  • Hindus also have deep-rooted anxiety about the Crypto Christians. Crypto Christians are people who have accepted the Christian faith, but have decided to hold on to their Hindu names and traditions, just as a show in society. This is done to mislead people into thinking that they are still Hindus, so that they can claim all the benefits arising out of the reservation system and/or governmental policies. They also surreptitiously grab land or hold on to it. In fact Rahul Gandhi is believed to be a Crypto Christian and that is why he has never opposed anyone claiming that he is actually Raul Vinci.
  • Christian converts and evangelists are now aggressively doing conversions by fooling people by using Sanskrit shlokas (Yesu Sahasranam), Hindu symbols in Christian form (Yesu Tantra), writing new scriptures based on the Bhagwatam (Kristu Bhagwatam) and more. Unlike the Islamists who convert openly and with force, Christian use veiled form of conversion and bribing (bag of rice) to convert Hindus. This has enraged Hindus who are irritated with this form of misappropriation of their religious symbols.
  • The non-Hindus have time and again shown their lack of respect to Hindu customs and traditions, valour and chivalry, and have repeatedly insulted Hindus. The latest incidents of honouring Tipu Sultan and of speaking ill of Rajputs and Rani Padmini, are proof of the way they insult Hindus. Congress has always taken the side of these Hindu baiters. It has always believed in appeasement politics. For Congress and Rahul Gandhi to now come out and make a show of Piety in Gujarat, by visiting Temples and places of worship, and then falsely state that their VP Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu Brahmin, is something that most Hindus cannot digest. What is more appalling is that Congress feels pride in saying that their VP is a Brahmin, not a low caste Dalit.

The same Congress which keeps taunting RSS and BJP for only allowing upper caste Hindus rule the country (a false claim) is now stating that their Party Chief in waiting is a Brahmin. Ironical, isn’t it? Now all they have to state openly is that the Ram Temple should be constructed at Ayodhya, since we are a Hindu Nation.

(Views expressed by the author are personal)