No one dies of COVID-19, defence against the pandemic flawed, lashes out eminent physician and former dean, Kozhikode Govt Medical College

In a scathing attack to the ongoing fight against the global pandemic, veteran physician and former dean of Kozhikode government medical college Dr. PK Sasidharan said that the very way we approach COVID-19 has gone wrong.

“We are not confronting COVID-19 scientifically. People who do not have symptoms should not be worried about getting tested. Especially in viral diseases, only those who have symptoms can be considered as patients,” he told media.

Mortality rate in China is three percent which is calculated based on number of people who have undergone PCR test. If considered otherwise,the mortality rate is only one percentage, he points out looking at global statistics.

He further says that not even a single person dies of COVID-19, but of complications associated with persisting diseases or who follow a wrong lifestyle. If one has natural immunity, he or she will not be affected by the so-called virus, he asserted.

Mentioning that the government was giving more focus on arranging quarantine facilities, ventilators and other necessary treatment plans rather than preparing people with immunity that they needed to fight against the pandemic.

“Modern medicine is concerned with improving human health and boosting the immune system, however, unfortunately, it has become mere treatment of diseases,” he said. “The approach must be changed which will help us face a similar situation in the future too,” he added.

However, he appreciated the measures like wearing masks and keeping social distancing which he thinks will certainly help to reduce the spreading of the disease. However, he pointed out the need for making this a habit in our lives in order to lead a healthy life.

“We must focus on bringing up a responsible generation who is concerned about social health for which primary schools can play a vital role,” he said. “Primary school teachers must be educated on this who will impart knowledge to the younger generations,” he added.

Dr. PK Sasidharan’s analysis based on scientific evidence and surveys have but invited stringent criticism from various corners including doctors, against the professor who has enlightened several thousand students across the world on general medicine.

Dr. PK Sasidharan P.K was the professor and head of the department of Internal Medicine at Calicut Medical College and the chairman of PG board of studies at KUHS University, Kerala. He is popular for authoring the book Heal-Thy India, a collection of observations regarding the healthcare system in India.

He has also authored many medical textbooks and research publications.