Nationalist organizations march in support of Arif Mohammad Khan; Governor summons Chief Secretary

Nationalist organizations have come together to protest against the insulting of Kerala Governor, Arif Mohammad Khan, during the inaugural function of the India History Congress organized at Kannur University.

Leftist historian Irfan Habib had created a ruckus at the event to stop the Governor from speaking in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Many other students and delegates also began to raise slogans and raise placards in protest.

The march was conducted towards the venue where the India History Congress is being held. However, the police stopped the march in front of the University gate.

The RSS Pranthiya Vidyarthi Pramukh, Valsan Thilankeri, said that those who love India will resist those historians who use taxpayers money to do anti-national activities. He said that the nationalists forces will not keep silent if threatened.

Thilankeri also asked if this was the History Congress or the History Communist or the History Jamaat-i-Islami. He was taking a dig at how the Governor’s speech was blocked by the communist and communal forces.

He also came down heavily against Irfan Habib and demanded that legal measures must be taken against the left historian for behaving rudely with the Governor.

The march was attended by RSS Pranthiya Saha Sambark Pramukh, Suresh Babu, BJP leader K. Renjith, Bharatiya Vichar Kendram State Organizing Secretary, V. Mahesh.

Meanwhile, the Governor, Arif Mohammad Khan, summoned the Chief Secretary and registered his displeasure of the incident at the inaugural function of History Congress.

The Vice Chancellor of Kannur University, Gopinath Ravindran, said that there was a protocol violation in the function. It is believed that Irfan Habib was not in the list of the speakers.

The Governor’s office believes that the authorities knew beforehand that there would be protests during the event against the Governor. Yet, the authorities failed to take the necessary precautions.