Nada Brahma: Sound energy and its relations to the individual and the universe – Part 1

Sound is the basic vibration that connects the beginning and the end. Everything vibrates once the sound of vibration is activated.  Everything, even the smallest particle in the manifested universe is buzzing and vibrating and teeming with sound. The absence of this vibrating sound is absolute stillness.

The sound is neither mystical nor unattainable. It is innate to human existence, something that is present both within and outside the human being. Oneself and one’s environment have both their source and existence due to sound. There is no creation without sound, and no existence without sound. Any change in existence is really a variation of sound.

The subtle-most vibrating factor in creation is Ether or Space. The quality of Space is sound. Neither the world nor the objects in the world can be imagined without sound. Even imagination itself is the manifestation of sound, space, thought, emotion, one’s self, one’s knowledge, one’s ignorance, one’s own body – everything is the manifestation of sound. In order to understand any object clearly, its sound must be known.

Both the individual and society make use of sound to exchange ideas. The most important application of sound is that it enables the individual to experience the world. Modern science has developed technology like Ultrasound scanners for investigating and diagnosing diseases. It is equally essential to develop “sound detectors” for reading the gross, subtle and causal bodies in order to understand the makeup body and mind of the universe and of the individual.

The goal set for the Third Session of the Global Energy Parliament is to focus the attention of the world to a study of this interconnected reality. It has to be scientifically analyzed and brought into the realm of our everyday activity. It is essential for every individual to recognize the distinguishing characteristics of positive and negative sounds and to use the beneficial influences of positive sounds to create a better world.

From the macrocosm to the microcosm, various sounds can be classified as follows: Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Biosphere (plants, animals, humans), Machine, Energy, Atom, Sub-atomic particle, A1 particle, S00 particle and I particle.

To be continued

*(Reproduced with the permission of the author)