Mysureans took care of me like their own daughter: Former Mysuru Dep Commissioner Rohini Sinduri’s emotional note before leaving the district

Image courtesy: Deccan Herald

Former Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sinduri Dasari on Monday while bidding goodbye to her Mysuru office lashed at IAS officer Shilpa Nag and MP Pratap Simha. The woman officer became emotional while talking to the media and said that Mysureans took care of her like their own daughter.

IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri who after officially handing over the charges and wishing the newly appointed DC Bagadi Gautham, lashed out at Mysuru MP Pratap Simha without naming him.

The IAS officer speaking to the media said, “There was so much interference by someone, still, I worked without bothering much. I am workingq with factual information, there was no problem from the last 7 months. Only in the last 15 days it (her actions) has become an issue and the reason you all know. I don’t have to be specific now.

Wherever I take strict action, be it on the medical side, land deal (encroachment mafia) and this issue (targeting) happens, it is painful. We should be allowed to work freely and every now and then if one keeps asking things (referring to MP Pratap Simha’s Covid expenses details), I also gave (details) whatever was possible from my side.” the officer told the media persons.

The officer mentioned that she served about 8 months in Mysuru and previously worked in Hassana, Mandya, Tumakuru and Mangaluru. Referring to Mahatma Gandhiji’s ideals said, ‘My Life Is My Message’ and told that she believes in this and let her work talk. The officer is said to have become the target for reportedly laying her hands on the land mafia.