Mysteries of a Nation

    Some of the recent happenings have made me very contemplative and I am seriously not able to solve some mysteries. Help would be appreciated.

    The Curious Case of the ‘Topi Pehnana’

    The reader might know that ‘Topi Pehnana’ means fooling another by pretending to be too good. The following picture explains it all! The mystery here is that I am perplexed as to who was fooled here!

    The Case of Vegetarian Food

    All over the world people are turning vegetarian because it is nutritious, easy on the environment, easy on the digestive system, etc. But in Bharat, we have a lady who has got a degree in Medicine saying that eggs, meat, onion and garlic should be fed to school children in their mid-day meals because that is what makes meals nutritious. Not just that, eating vegetarian meals reeks of Brahmin imposition. To make it more ridiculous, the conversation now veers to separate, believe it or not, MICROWAVE OVENS in offices and how this is imposed thanks to Brahmins. Seriously? Bharat is a country where vegetarianism is almost worshipped as being a requirement for becoming Sattvik in thoughts and deeds. Even non-vegetarians do not eat meat on certain days. We have sports people who are at their fittest level while remaining vegetarians. And yes, those poor children in the schools could have had a non-vegetarian meal at home.

    The biggest mystery here is ‘how do we fall for such conversation traps while hoping to defeat “the agenda”?’ The other big mystery here is ‘Why are we bothered about food being provided in a school MORE THAN the quality of education being provided in the school?’ School is a place which is supposed to provide food for thought more than food for the body is what I thought.

    The Case of “Let Modi Ji Win, All Problems Will Get Sorted”

    We have become a Nation of armchair activists who grumble at everything via Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Guess what??? You can’t stop a person from getting killed on the road by shooting a video and putting it up on Twitter and then enjoying the fact that it has gone viral. The phone has to be used for calling the Police immediately. Expecting the Government to do everything while standing back and watching, is foolishness. It is time we picked up the courage to fight back. Make a noise, throw your chappals, bang on vehicles, honk loudly to distract/detract the criminals and attract attention to the crime.

    Also, learn to trust your leader for him to be successful in his task. One declaration of Scholarships for Minorities and a tsunami of words like ‘maulana Modi’ is totally uncalled for.

    The Case of Some Muslims Thinking That the Koran’s Verses of Raping Kafir Girls is Truly What Allah Wants

    The year 2019 (till 10 May 2019) alone has 148 reported cases of sex crimes against Hindus. That’s 148 crimes in 129 days. All the crimes are carried out by Jihadis – Muslims executing the anti-Hindu doctrine of Islam called “Jihad.”

    Many of these crimes have been against children – the most horrific of them. Killing people for frivolous reasons because they are non-believers of Islam, especially during the ‘holy month of Ramzan’ has now become the new norm it seems. How can anyone condone such behaviour? How can any God-like for little children to be subjected to such horrific crimes?

    It is a real mystery why no Government, no Mainstream Media house, no Justice system in Bharat has been able to address them as religious crimes and deal with them effectively and immediately. Merely educating Muslims will not do. People of the Islamic faith have to be taught sanitized versions of their holy books if radicalization has to be stopped. Are Hindus taught that Sati or Dowry is good? The unfettered increase of Madarsas and children being exposed to the concept of religious Jihad has to be stopped immediately. Another mystery is the complete lack of modern educated Muslims who are willing to openly state that their religion cannot justify Rape Jihad or Slaughter Jihad. While I do not like people speaking against Hinduism, I am (secretively) glad that we Hindus do have people criticizing their own shortcomings, without any fear.

    The Curious Case of Who Actually Constitutes Minorities

    World over, any group of people constituting LESS THAN 5%, constitute the Minority. In fact, 10% is supposed to be the tipping point where, once an ethnicity reaches 10%, they have a say in how the laws are framed. But in Bharat, we have Muslims who are more than 20% of the population, claiming that they are a Minority. The Ministry of Minority Affairs has them representing almost all the top positions in the Ministry. So that effectively means that our Christians and Crypto-Christians, Parsis, Jews, etc. do not have a voice at all. And they don’t even complain. So very Mysterious!

    Mamata Banerjee Thinking That It is More Necessary to Put Sloganeers Crying “Jai Shree Ram” In Jail, Than Those Who are Slaughtering BJP Workers

    The CM of West Bengal is certainly facing a mysterious ailment which makes her feel that sloganeering is more vicious and worthy of clamping down upon, than actual murders. The slackness of the rest of the political parties in demanding President Rule in WB is another mystery.

    There are many more mysterious happenings in our country, like Rahul Gandhi speaking of love in Wayanad once again; but I thought I should restrict myself to the worst of them all.


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