MY MUMMY: Poem by Niki Skouteri


My mummy, wrapped in myrrh,
be blessed with a thousand years of life;
your embrace is as warm as if made like a water lily.
Your caress is so sweet, your lips like cherries,
your loving gaze touches the mountain peaks.

You offer your labour’s sweat to your family
you become a predatory lioness for your children’s sake.
You are all made of love, a sworn sacrifice,
Your whole being is given to pain and to joy. 

I love you my mummy, you are my protection,
you are my rock in the walls of a castle city!

Poem by Niki Skouteri

Niki Skouteri – works as a Head of Health education in Nursery and Primary Education Schools, Athens. Her work includes a Master’s degree in Science in Management of Educational Organizations from the University of West Attica. She has been trained in the Sciences of Education (Marasleio Teaching) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her works include 4 fairy tales, one published by Orion publications and the other 3 self-published by Her new poetry collection “150 Haikou of heart and mind” by Kefalos publications will be released soon. She has received awards, commendations and honors from literary competitions in poetry and prose. She has participated in anthologies and collective works. She is a member of Hellenic Cultural Group/union of Cypriots and has been a literary critic in poetry competitions of Kefalos publications. Her poems and texts have been published in electronic and printed media.