My Dear Pope Francis Uncleji,


I earnestly hope and wish, my Love-missile lands on your laptop screen when you are in a meditative, sombre mood engrossed in contriving plans how best to influence masses with your mid-night address on the eve of your annual conviviality known as X’mas falling on Dec. 25, 2019.

This Love-missile is a bit deficient by intent and design by not wishing you Merry X’mas as you never ever cared to greet me on sacred Vedic festivities of Deepawali / Holi / Vijayadashmi and I have temporarily suspended practice of several Vedic ideals under prevailing toxic atmosphere to which your Roman Catholic sect is an important contributor.

Pope Uncle, you are heading a sectarian organisation which professes to propagate a certain faith for a consideration thereby demeaning it to the level of a commercial entity, albeit a powerful entity. Even your entire gamut of philanthropic activities are immersed in achieving parochial, sectarian objectives be that schools,hospitals, orphanages or anything else for that matter. I hope you shall agree in heart of hearts, faith is never traded or merchandised yet your ‘trade representatives’ precisely do that brazenly and defiantly, clad in spotless albeit long ugly white-frocks sanctified by a metallic cross declared to be holy. Well of course, they do enact so many ‘other’ things too within four walls of Churches which you have been forced to confess even without a Confession Box in front of you. Those ‘other’ things also included ‘procreation through virginity intact’ without surrogacy, (what a marvel of stem-cell engineering !!) inviting ire of a certain High Court and the ‘poor’ High Court was bluntly told to ‘mind their own business’ !!!! Did the warning come from a Bishop Of The Diocese or Head Quarter of a Daud Ibrahim ??

Pope Uncle, you are so famished of political power that you deputed one Italian woman to head a political party in my country in spite of having half of the world under you command, in spite of the fact that Hindu-s are the only Non-Abrahamic community in the world, they have ONLY ONE country to live, survive, prosper and die peacefully. Not even one country dedicated to Hindu-s is acceptable to you and you have unleashed an army of Faith-merchants to peddle your faith at any cost, by hook or crook !! Why such a contempt for Sanatana Dharma which has never harmed, plundered or razed anyone in past anywhere in the world ? That’s really very disgusting Pope Uncle, reflects very poorly upon you. Given your status, august position and the mighty empire that you govern, you and your Papacy should have been generous to the core of your every Christian gene !! Very sad indeed.


Pope Uncle, very sweetly and very politely I wish to tell you that by dreaming to evangelise Bharata which you call India, you are playing with a very dangerous fire as Bharata is no ordinary nation. Centuries ago, when entire Bharata was under siege of Buddhism, just one Holy Soul, I repeat just one Holy Soul visited this nation, moved around on his nimble two feet from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and reclaimed the entire nation single-handedly, completed his assignment with perfect finesse and quietly walked out of the world still in prime of his youth !! Can you believe Pope Uncle, single-handedly ?? He had no army of missionaries / chapels / church / Fathers / Mothers / Sisters / Brothers…He is adored, venerated and remembered as Adi Shamkaracharya. Only in 19th century, a Seer from Kolkata visited Chicago, mesmerised the whole world with his simple words, “Sisters and Brothers of America”and entire erudite army of Christianity appeared abjectly pathetic. Just a decade and a half ago, a Sannyasi appeared from nowhere and Yoga became a household buzzword across the world. Power of Sanatana Dharma is absolutely inestimable. Even Param Siddha Yogi-s are unable to ferret out depth, intensity, range, extent and strength of Sanatana Dharma. You have already witnessed a semblance of that power in your lifetime. When this nation was just on edge in 2014, about to be shattered into fragments, one ascetic leader suddenly emerged, grabbed the power and upturned the entire apple-cart to utter dismay of the entire world. And it was not an exception or one-time event at all. Bharata is quite used to that, very well explained by Vasudeva Shri Krshna in Shrimadbhagvadgita specifically through “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhavati Bharata….”. You must study the greatest book in the world since then, Shrimadbhagvadgita. I too, have authored a commentary on that and it was published in 2015, available on Amazon / Flipkart for your convenience and benediction.


Honestly speaking Pope Uncle, all your Fathers / Bishops / Cardinals…are nothing more than Hindu Panda-s buzzing around from Hari-Ki-Pauri in Hardwar to Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi vigorously soliciting Yajnamana-s i.e. clients to solemnise various rituals from birth to death for a living. And you !! Panda-in-Chief of Papacy for Roman Catholics across the world. If Sanatana Hindu Panda-s organise themselves into a hierarchy headed by a Chief like you, I am sure Pope Uncle, you will have to struggle for every morsel of bread that you eat. However, they won’t as they are too generous in attitude and too universal in aptitude to be a threat to any despotic influence anywhere in the world.


Pope Francis Uncle, my Trikaal-Darshi, Antaryami, dis-incarnate Gurudeva tells me, so many, I repeat, so many Abrahamic faiths appeared on this Planet and died a miserable death owing to the worst felony of converting faith of others, that they persistently, insistently carried out. You are no exception at all. Everyone’s faith is based on his / her past actions of past lives and they are here for redemption thereof in a specified / prescribed way. Automatically, one’s faith is sacrosanct and impregnable by external agents, must never be attempted to change by any means lest those invite terrible consequences. Your devious ways of saffronising Christianity to incite an implosion from within Sanatana Dharma, is very likely to backfire by causing an implosion within Papal Basilica Of St. Peter in Vatican itself !!


Wether my Peace-missile would serve you as a Caution Notice Of Survival to cease and desist from the felony of proselytization / power manipulations, I leave it to you to decide. If you do not, I am afraid, impending scenario may be very dismal and people may run into acute paucity of tears of grief. Pope Uncle, just declare in your forthcoming Mid-Night Mass on the eve of Dec. 25, 2019 from the Holy Pulpit that you respect all faiths in the world as much as you respect Roman Catholic Christianity, that you condemn proselytisations…I shall then bow my head before you and wish you a very Merry X’mas.

With warmest regards,

A Crazy Hindu Nationalist

Ramakant Tiwari