Muslims will decide whether Hindus should live peacefully in India: Popular Front

‘Daggers used 1921 (to slaughter Hindus) are still with us, not thrown into Arabian Sea’

Kerala jihadis are raring to start a communal pogrom on the lines of 1921 Hindu Genocide in Malabar. In a rally on Sunday, organized by Muslim extremist outfits such as Popular Front of India and Jamaat-e-Islami, radical Islamists raised highly provocative slogans, calling for violence. One of the slogans was: “Daggers we used in 1921 (to slaughter Hindus) are still with us, not thrown into the Arabian Sea.” There were other slogans that warned Hindus, RSS, Modi and Amit Shah.

Speaking at a rally in Kozhikode organised to protest CAA, MK Faizy said, “India is moving in a direction that if Hindus have to live in India, they will need the permission of Muslims. You see what is happening in the North-East. BJP ministers are living in military camps. How long will you live in military protection? We have nothing to fear. We are determined. Whenever obstacles came in our way we said: ‘Allah whatever you have ordained will only happen’. Therefore, what we want to say is: If we live we will all live together. If you plan to send us anywhere, we will drag you along with us. There is no doubt on that.”