MUSLIMS SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED IN HINDU FESTIVALS: Shocking Video of Muslim Extremist Addressing the Youth in Kerala

MUSLIMS SHOULD NOT GET INVOLVED IN HINDU FESTIVALS: Shocking Video of Muslim Extremist Addressing the Youth in Kerala

In an incident that points out to the growing influence of Islamic extremism in Kerala community, a video has surfaced on the social media where a prominent religious teacher says Muslims should not be a part of Hindu celebrations. The speech was made during Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation (SKSSF) campus call. SKSSF is the student organisation affiliated to Samastha, an influential body of Sunni scholars and clerics in Kerala.

“Muslims are not supposed to celebrate festivals of other religions. When people from other religions come, asking for donations for Hindu festivals, call them inside and slip Rs 50 into their pocket and tell him to take the money for buying some refreshments.” Says the religious speaker Simsarul Haq Hudavi. He further says that Islam doesn’t allow its members to take part in celebrations like Christmas and Onam. So when a Muslim gets an invitation for celebration, he or she should handle the situation diplomatically.

In case if you are amidst the celebration, just pop a sweet into your mouth and avoid feast offered as a part of the festival saying you are not hungry anymore. Since they (Hindus and Christians) take part in our festivals, diplomatically avoid such occasions. We can’t tell them what the Prophet says because it may result in even communal unrest. Thus by giving money we are not supporting the festival but helping to feed their stomach.

Though hate speeches are a part of Islamic religious talks, most of such videos are not recorded or made public. Inspired by these speeches, the number of people who turn extremists is increasing largely in Kerala. Central agencies such as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have made a number of arrests connected to terrorism in the state. However, both LDF and UDF governments who are ruling the state since its formations have their appeasing policy that has eventually resulted in making the state a paradise for Islamic terrorists.


  1. What is the big news about this? I had seen this in real life with many of my friends who are muslims and christians – they are given strict instructions by their Mosques and Churches, not to participate in Hindu festivals and even accept any kind of prasad from Hindus. I even hear a highly educated government official of a church in Gorakhpur saying not even have any Hindu gods photos (it was in 1984).

    Hindus are getting fooled and attracted by the culture of the West. They go to night clubs, bars, drink, smoke, etc – considering it as a fashion. Muslims are not like that, in these matters they are very well guided by their Mosques. You can see the number of muslims having such habits can be numbered.

    By drinking, smoking etc the male will lose his potential for reproduction, become weak. The children born also will become weak. This will be a bad consequence for the demography of Hindus in the future. Hindus may think they are 80% of the national population now, but as the time passes every thing will change.

    This is a wakeup call for all Hindus – temples don’t teach any thing except collect dakshana and give prasad. 90% Hindus don’t know much about their own religion. The temples & Hindu institutions must grow and people who run them must ensure the right kind of Hindusim is preached to their children and adults.

    Time to wake up


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