Muslim woman leader’s house attacked for speaking out against ‘Love Jihad’

The house of a Muslim woman leader who raised her voice against organized religious conversions was attacked recently by Islamic radicals. Jamida Teacher, Secretary of the Quran Sunnat Society, alleged that radical Islamic outfit SDPI had earlier also mounted attack on her house for standing up against fraudulent conversions carried out by extremist outfits. She was in news when she openly opposed the conversion of “Love Jihad’ victim Akhila-Hadiya.

Jamida Teacher had revealed that concerted efforts are being taken by Popular Front of India and some radical organizations to trap Hindu-Christian girls into love affairs and convert them for using them for terror activities. However, the police have arrested two persons in connection with the attack.

Jamida alleged that the police are trying to hush up the case. According to her, the police were treating the case as a usual law and order problem caused by a drunken person. “If it were an innocent act of a drunken person, he should not be singling out my house. The accused had clearly targeted my house. He came with a purpose to kill me,” said Jamida Teacher.

The reformist woman leader fears for her life. A couple of decades ago, another reformist leader Chekannor Maulavi was killed by Islamists for criticizing orthodoxy. She fears that she would also face the same fate.

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