Muslim man disguised as temple priest arrested in Kerala

A Muslim man who was staying on rent at Chunakkara in Alappuzha district disguised as a Hindu temple priest was arrested by the police on the basis of a tipoff by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Saturday (Sept 26). A resident of Wayanad, Faizal was living under a fictitious name Vaisakhhan Potti for the last 10 months. It is suspected that Faizal has links with some terror outfits.

According to media reports, the NIA has been keeping a vigil on his movements for some time. Faizal had allegedly befriended the landlord’s son who he said had resembled his deceased brother.

Faizal allegedly told the unsuspecting landlord that he worked in Kochi Airport and also worked as a temple priest. He used to wear a jeneu (poonool) and sport tilak to defraud the family. An investigation is underway to find out his links with radical organizations.