Muslim film director Ali Akbar slams Commie for supporting novelist who insulted Hindu women


    Noted film director Ali Akbar has slammed former Kerala Education Minister MA Baby for extending support to controversial novelist S Hareesh, who in his novel Meesha, serialized in the Mathrubhumi weekly, wrote that Hindu women go to temple to announce their readiness to indulge in sex. Hareesh also wrote the priests in the temples were a sort of sex maniacs.

    According to critics, MA Baby, a staunch progressive Christian, often criticizes the Church during daytime but calls on priests in the night to seek apologies.

    In a scathing attack, Akbar said, “When a believer visits a temple, he is aware that the temple represents his own body and mind. Temple priests are there not to take the measurements of waist and posterior of the women devotees. They are to perform pujas. If a novelist writes that these priests are licentious men, should he be received with garlands? If he (Hareesh) walks with his legs intact even after writing that Hindu women go to temples to satiate their sexual urges, it is because Hindus are tolerant. Prof Joseph lost his hand because he had written something on Muhammad. His wife had to commit suicide. When one of those assailants had driven knife into the heart of one of your followers, where were you?  Why then there was no solidarity with writers? When your ‘baby comrades’ insulted Hindu goddesses by depicting vaginas with dripping menstrual blood, aggrieved Hindus protested. You comrades laughed at their plight. Comrade, I am also an artist. Let me draw a picture of nude Virgin Mary. Shall I draw a picture of Mary Magdalene having sex with Jesus?”




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