Muslim body’s move to set up Sharia courts in all districts portends threat to national integration

    The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB)’s proposed plan to open Darul-Qaza (Sharia Courts) in all districts of the country to resolve issues in line with the Islamic laws is a dangerous plan. A final shape to the proposal will be given at AIMPLB meeting in New Delhi on July 15.

    Senior member of AIMPLB Zafaryab Zilani told PTI that it has about 40 Sharia courts in Uttar Pradesh and the highest Muslim decision making body said it plans to open one such court in all districts of the country. “The objective of Darul-Qaza is to resolve matters in light of Sharia laws instead of going to other courts,” said Zilani.

    This is an open threat to the democratic setup and rule of law in the country. These sharia institutions will function as a parallel legal system in the country. Therefore, the government should ban all such institutions that will lead to creation of religious enclaves.  Many western countries are paying the price for allowing such concessions. For instance, there are about 80 Sharia courts in the UK. Although they cannot be technically classified as courts of law, experience is that many of them overstep their brief and act as courts.

    It is understood that there are already some Sharia courts operating in Muslim-majority areas in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. A few years ago, a Muslim youth was stoned to death in a village in Coimbatore allegedly for adultery. Another Muslim Youth H Farook was hacked to death for his atheist views allegedly by a Muslim radical group.

    Photo Courtesy: Times of India 



    1. These are calculated steps towards Gazva-E-Hind to achieve Islamic India. We are heading towards a very dangerous situation. Hindus are not united, hence PM Modi is unable to act very tough. There is no Hindu vote-bank, so next victory in LS elections is not assured in spite of brilliant performance of the incumbent Government. So he has to act tactfully. Everywhere you find Jaichands and Mir Jafars. And Muslims / Christians are deriving undue advantage out of the precarious situation. Hindus must wake up, unite to create an assertive Hindu vote-bank otherwise we all shall perish.


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