Mr Pinarayi, look at these empowered women who but didn’t participate in your much-celebrated mockery known as ‘Women’s Wall’ to uphold gender equality!

Reminding Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan the strength of women, the Mahila Morcha on Monday marched towards Secretariat here demanding resignation of Higher Education Minister K T Jaleel over gold smuggling case. It was nothing but bravery that media could witness there where the women power shattered the strong police barricades.

There was a tussle between them and the police during the protest after women members tried to cross the barricade. The protestors claim that they will continue to protest across the state till the Minister resigns. The Secretariat has been witnessing the protest for more than 2 hours now by the women power.

While, the protests have emerged all across the state soon after Enforcement Directorate questioned the Minister to find his nexus with the accused Swapna Suresh, the state is once again witnessing the power of BJP and its allies after Sabarimala protests that united Hindus across the state to fight against communist rebels in the state.

The CPI(M) leadership had earlier conducted a human wall to ‘uphold’ gender equality on the light of Supreme Court’s verdict on Sabarimala that pathetically failed when the participated women failed to even answer why such a chain known as ‘women’s wall’. The ongoing protests that are not a gentle, but a rude reminder to the Kerala CM how it would be when those empowered women fight against a corrupt government.