MOTHER’S INNER GIRL: Poem by Rouliana Zotou

CELTIC SONG Painting by TIMOTHY M Parker,

…and after I received the sweet wishes of my children…
And after I sweetly thanked on the phone the mother that brought me to this world,
I sat in contemplation, looking for the inner child I used to be.

After some effort, that inner child appeared to me.
I caressed the little girl inside of me, who is also celebrating today,
my Mom’s little girl, and I wondered if I love her, if I take care of her
and if I let her play sometimes.

Each time the answer blessed me by making me return to the Beginning.
Not to give birth to another child, but to be reborn, to remember that
I am a Woman and a Mother, as a manifestation of a reality that creates the World.
Because YES! We, women, can create reality!
But we have to seek deep down inside ourselves and accept our inner little girl,
in order to tenderly welcome the Whole World.

© Rouliana Zotou

Zοtou Rouliana was born in Karditsa in July 1966 and spent her childhood in Melbourne, Australia. She currently lives in Karditsa and works as a permanent employee for the Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment. She is married with two children. In art, she was self taught. She has been a member of Karditsa’s art club since 2010. Rouliana has great interest in Byzantine art style which contributed to her personal art style. She started painting with the byzantine style in 2015 and aspires to continue painting with a respect to the rules of this unique art style with mixed acrylic paints, egg tempera and gold, on canvas and wood.