Modi reinstates strength as a popular global leader

Well quite definitely a re-election with an increased number of votes and seat share has made sure to ensure that incessant power at home and even globally. Our respected Prime Minister, Modi ji is indeed one of the only leaders to be felicitated and decorated with the highest awards of various states. The special invites to G7 and Macron special notes lay testament to his stature that he is enjoying amongst the top leaders of the world.
After his several successful public programs and American Congress speech, his program with the southern American diaspora was due. It was organized by the Texas forum. Howdy Modi is till date the biggest meeting to be addressed by a politician of foreign country on the US soil. The program did get a huge response from the NRIs across the US continent. Approximately 50 K people attended the program. It is believed however, that amongst them only 30 K were from Texas, rest had traveled to Houston from the various states of USA only to listen to our great leader.
Yet again, sudden agreement of Trump to participate in the meeting has further garnered its attention and significance internationally. This also does show the bond both the leaders share. Trump tweeted before the meeting that he will be there with his friend. The way he addressed Modi is nothing less than an impeccable position our greatest leader of all time has earned.
Modi in addition, to politics, administration and Governance reforms has indeed made his mark in Diplomacy. It is his uniqueness and strength which assures that connectivity with the diaspora. It would not be inappropriate to call it one of his inventions.
From what was a usual scenario in which the US called shots about the international matters along with the internal matters of various countries, today we have the Indian Prime Minister influencing the international relations in a really strong manner. Also, one cannot not agree that Trump shared the dais with Modi to garner the support of Indian community. It was also one occasion where the president of the US addressed a large number of NRIs in one place.
Modi’s address to the NRIs reminded the local parties and politicians the importance of India and Indian community. This has unified the otherwise scattered diaspora. India has about 2.5 crore migrants the largest in the world. By unifying them and addressing them with preference Modi rekindled patriotism in many especially those who lost connection due to long time abroad life.
Unlike earlier government which largely neglected the NRIs, Modi government started helping Indians stranded abroad with passport or visa issues. Indian embassies have become much more responsive. Even late Sushma Swaraj Ji, in her role as EAM brought in accessibility, and was just a tweet away for each and every assistance. Modi government has scrapped PIO (Persons of Indian origin) and has clubbed all NRIs without Indian passport as OCI (Overseas citizens of India). Also in its dynamic evacuation efforts in Yemen where in over 5000 Indians stranded in a conflict zone were rescued, they gained the confidence of the NRI community. By invoking in them national pride, Modi has also taken international initiatives like International day of yoga, international solar alliance, Make in India, where the NRIs have played different roles to further the cause and ideas of India.
Yoga workshops are conducted across the globe on June 21st the international day of yoga. For make in India many NRIs have taken interest to explore options of business and investment in India. Many NRIs have also in recent years adopted their villages to make them ideal villages, and open defecation free villages inspired the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan initiated by Modi Ji.
Through such varied and unique efforts Modi has been pushing on international arena India’s art and culture, democratic values, heritage, philosophy, Yoga and Ayurveda and reinvented Indian Diplomacy placing India in the league of important nations and emerging super powers. From a fragile economy to one endorsed by international agencies Modi’s management of Indian economy domestically has also helped leverage things globally.
All these indicate that India’s time has come, and that day is not far when India will be a Vishwa Guru.
(Author is a spokesperson with the Bharatiya Janata Party and a social activist, political commentator and a journalist)


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