Modi gets Karnataka thumbs up; saffron wave inundates Cong bastion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved it once again that he is invincible. In the run-up to the Karnataka election, political observers were giving the Congress a clear edge over the BJP. There were reports also that suggested all is not well in the BJP camp. But once Modi came into picture, everything changed.

Modi’s rallies saw huge crowds and a majority of them youngsters. Each time Modi uttered a sentence, the crowd roared, though many didn’t even understand what he was trying to say. At once meeting in Hubli, Modi, looking at the enthusiasm, said the language was not a barrier anymore between Kannadigas and himself.

Even at this age, the youngsters in his party or in the Congress could match his energy or enthusiasm. His appearance itself energizes the crowd who see in him a messiah, a genuine leader who toils day in and day out for the uplift of the poor.

With this election, BJP president Amit Shah has proved to be the greatest political strategist of all times. Modi-Shah combine has given party a new direction, a killer instinct which is unseen in the political parlance of India so far.  Besides, the hard work put in by the cadre, RSS swayamsevaks have paid rich dividends.


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