Mob-lynching: IB advisory against scare-mongering through social media

    Is there a pattern in mob lynching incidents being reported from various states? Looking at some of the incidents, a senior intelligence official has said many of the facts that emerge on these reported incidents were false and fabricated.

    He said some of the unrelated incidents soon figure in foreign publications and digital media outlets as cases of mob lynching.

    Meanwhile, the Intelligence Bureau has asked its field units in Madhya Pradesh to counter rumour mongering regarding child lifting to avoid possible mob lynching. “Seemingly, a deliberate attempt is being made to blow incidents blow out of proportion and fan fears among public,” he said.

    The MP unit of the Intelligence Bureau has issued a circular saying that “different messages were being clubbed and new fake posts were being put in circulation on WhatsApp and Facebook groups in particular” regarding child lifting gangs.

    As per the circular, some messages claimed that Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar were kidnapping children in the state.

    “Someday, it may result in mob lynching and law and order problem… So, please keep watch on social media… Awareness via print and electronic media be ensured… and please counter rumours timely,” said the circular issued by a senior official.

    WhatsApp and audio messages were being clubbed to give an impression that some child lifters were also being nabbed. Based on rumours, some innocent people had been beaten up, the circular said.

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