MESMERISING SEA: Poem by Dr. Janatha Ramanathan

Painting Courtesy: YaSheng Art -Abstract Art Painting

You are beauty bounded in faith
Mild and at times wild
Anger spurted with no excuse
The rolling lashing waves
Ride to the high beat of my heart
You lash the shores to kiss the sand
You are passionate
Rushing to the shores with more tales untold
Why do you retreat so soon?
Waves wipe away qualms
Let the wave hit the feet
And wipe away all the burning burdens.

You are special and unique
I am hex bound
Your fragrance inebriates the strings of my physique
The sweet music of the waves and
The simmering wind makes me crazy
You patiently listen to the stories of others
The pain of the heart soars so high
Today’s muddles smother them
You soothe them and soften their minds
Veiled mirages part and rainbow rays glisten
Tomorrow shines like a saviour from all the hitches
We stride towards the brightening beam

You’re a wonderful elegant lady, one likes to fathom
Watching the changing colours of the waves
I wonder, What lovely attire you wear!
Sapphire green and inky blue
You spread like a blue velveteen carpet for me to tread on
To the cities build of glasses and pebbles
Where the sirens casually stroll over
You are their abode and shelter
Silly me, envious of your mermaids
Transfixed and diffident to move further
Perched on the rocky shore, Rocking the nugatory thoughts
Which lead me no way but in the middle way

I delve deep, longing to know the secrets,
You send a thrilling pulse through
Entwined in the soundscapes of the sea and waves,
I ponder on the enlightening experiences you ever gave
Me and you narrated anecdotes of amusement
The lives of seamen who churned the history of you
The legendary tales that marked the glory of the land
The treasures that transfixed the mortals of the cosmos
The never-ending predicaments that abrade the peace of the women
The peace and the serenity you could bring to their minds
You sparkle the space with sprinkles of glee
For the joy of heaven and the bliss of brethren

Dr. Janatha Ramanathan

Janatha Ramanathan (Dr. R. Janatha Kumari), Assistant Professor of English, Sree Ayyappa College for Women, Chunkankadai, Tamilnadu (affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli), is an erudite scholar, an approved Research Guide and has been teaching for two decades. Dr. Janatha has presented and published research articles in prestigious journals and books. She is presently serving as a member, Editorial Board of Panorama Literaria, & The Research Scholar, IAFOR Journal of Literature & Librarianship, Taiwan and Review Editor of the New Directions in the Humanities Journal, USA. She is also the founder, Chief Editor of The Daffodils – An International Journal of Literature, Language and Criticism and an edited anthology Perspectives on New Literatures: Postcolonial Responses. She serves as a Course Writer for the Distance Education of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi and Nethaji Subash Chandrabose Open University, Kolkatta.