Meet ‘Vyomitra’, a robot woman going into space from India: VIDEO

ISRO seems fully prepared for its ambitious Gaganyaan mission. ISRO is to launch India’s first manned spacecraft ‘Gaganyaan’ in December 2021, before ISRO will launch two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021. In a similar mission ‘Vyomitra’ will be sent to space.

Vyomitra is being described as a half-humanoid by ISRO. In simple words, she is such a robot who can talk to you, can understand and record your words to some extent. It also has the ability to recognize people. In the spacecraft, ‘Vyomitra’ will take the command of ISRO scientists and conduct some experiments as well. On 22 January, ISRO has shown the first glimpse of ‘Vyomitra’.



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