Meet the Eternal in the Perfect Nakedness

When the false conventions and ostentatious observances are broken through, the soul is liberated. For realizing the Truth no external paraphernalia is necessary. No garb, no sigh, no cult and no creed can help you.

The day will come when you have to leave all these behind, and go to meet the Eternal in the perfect nakedness of your Spirit, shedding all make-believe forms, customs and traditions. Simplicity, spontaneity and humility become the guiding principles of your life. You move freely with all. You love all alike.

You break all boundaries set by the calculating and selfish human mind. You soar like a free bird in the infinite expanse of the spiritual firmament. You look upon all beings and creatures as the embodiment of the one divine all-pervading Spirit.

Temples, Ashrams, mosques, churches, synagogues, Viharas, etc., cannot imprison your soul. You find your soul’s delight and joy at all places—in the best as well as the worst.