Mathrubhumi, Voice of Nationalism in Kerala, turns Commie mouthpiece ‘Sacks’ its channel news head to appease Pinarayi

Image: Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi and BJP Mahila Morcha led protest against a novel published in Mathrubhumi that defames Hindu women

There is a newspaper in Kerala, that has been acting as the right hand of the leftist party since its head joined the communist ally. Mathrubhumi, a newspaper that has the history of its involvement in nationalistic movement is now the mouthpiece of Pinarayi Vijayan led communist government in Kerala which handpick stories against BJP and allies from across the country. Well-wishers say the contributions of communist part’s own newspaper Deshabhimani is nothing compared to Mathrubhumi that has also proved its anti-Hindu stances in the past years.

In yet another incident that exposes the partiality of Mathrubhumi for the Communist party, its News head Unni Balakrishnan has resigned from his position. The resignation is following the reports that the channel management pressurising him to favour the communist party. The newspaper which was owned by Virendra Kumar who passed away a year ago is now owned by Loktantrik Janata Dal leader M.V Sreyamskumar, an ally to the ruling CPM.

There are allegations against the newspaper that it mouths platitudes on the secularism of the left-leaning, minority appeasing, pseudo kind. Also, there are rumours surrounding real ownership of MBI, pointing to suspected backstage control of religious radicals calling the shots. Earlier, in the channel ratings, Mathrubhumi News was at the top three list, but the launching of Janam TV and other new news channels further pushed Mathrubhumi down.