MARLEY & ME: A story by Nandita Raj on National Girl Children’s Day

A new guest to our house I was a little scared when I saw her first time, she was bigger than I thought. We named our guest Sara, Eventually she was my bestie.

A day will not pass without us playing. After watching the movie MARLEY & ME my craziness for Dogs grew a lot.

Years passed on now she is 5. Once when we were playing, I noticed Sara was so silent not active as normal. We took her to the hospital and got some medicines. She regained her strength and we were very happy.

Sara condition gone worse she got some infection which is normally seen in rats as per doctor. We all were upset watching her sick. Next day during my online class, I heard some noise outside in a curiosity I gawked through the window and saw all were standing near sara, soon I rushed down the stairs and reached to her. It was a dreadful situation, shocked to note sara is no more.

Months and months passed by, I still couldn’t forget, Every nook and corner of the house reminded me of the good memories of her. All made fun of me watching me crying whenever a topic was raised about her.

My close friend advised me to get another pet which may help me to overcome from the current shock. Though I can’t replace her a new pet sounded like a good idea.

When I first came up with the topic all denied grandparents were not interested as they can’t look after the Dog. Though I told ill take care they didn’t agree. I was in a dilemma of how to convince all.

Luckily a week before my Birthday mom asked me what I would like to have for my birthday gift, and without a second thought I whispered in her ears “amma pls get me a Dog Plz”

She didn’t say anything, and I also don’t expect. I kept on requesting but never had any positive reply from her.

Days passed on one day she asked me & my younger brother to get ready for shopping, we got in the car and went for a long drive. Thought she was taking us to the mall. After few minutes she parked her car near a house, the place was new to me we all got out of the car and followed her to the house.

The soon we got inside i heard barking of dogs, I was wondering to see it and more in a curiosity to know why we are here. Mom took her mobile and called someone, soon a person walked out of the door greeting us with a puppy in his hands. At a glimpse I understood its my present my birthday present.

I was jumping with joy inside and looked at my moms face. I was uncertain why I shed out of tears.

My eyes were all over the puppy i felt to take it in hand & give a cuddle. We drove back home and I was sat close to her crate staring, I was so excited. Soon we reached home I took her In my hand and played with her for a long time.

She was so cute and smart, I wanted to name her Sara, again none can replace my Sara so I discussed with my brother and named her the same as in the movie MARLEY.

There was another puppy which my brother liked when we went there so my mom decided to get that for him as a Birthday gift and we named him HARLEY.

My good day returned and here my life begins Me & Marley

What I learnt during this time is we will overcome all difficult situation in life same as the COVID don’t loose hope keep praying and work towards our dreams and we will achieve it.
My life with MARLEY continues.

Note: it’s a true incident and real photos of my puppies are posted above.

Nanditha Raj

Nanditha Raj, a grade 6 student in Christ Nagar Senior Secondary School in Trivandrum, hails from Palakkad, Kerala. She is the daughter of Tojoraj who is employed overseas and of Parvathy who is a writer and also the assistant professor of a college in Kerala. Apart from writing Nanditha is also interested in swimming, playing badminton, dancing and painting. Rishith, her younger brother is also following the path of his sister as a writer.