Man commits suicide accusing Kerala of negligence on bringing back migrant Keralite workers

A Keralite working in Chennai committed suicide accusing Kerala of negligence on bringing back migrant workers from the state. The deceased is identified as Vadakara Mudappilavu native T Bineesh (41). As per reports, he killed himself as his journey to Kerala was cancelled on Tuesday night.

“My death is a protest of an expat. People have an assumption that all Malayalis returning to Kerala from outside carry coronavirus. Both governments are not conducting train services,” these are the statements in the suicide note of a man who ended his life in Chennai as he could not return to Kerala.

Bineesh was found dead at his residence in Chennai on Wednesday morning. It is learnt that someone called Bineesh and said that he should not return as Chennai is a COVID hotspot and he cancelled the journey due to this. Bineesh had already secured a pass to enter Kerala.

Bineesh’s roommates said that he received a phone call while getting ready to return home and he looked irritated after this. He committed suicide after the bus to Kerala left.

“Many people think that Keralites returning home are coming with COVID-19. All are exploiting others. Both governments did not conduct train services. I am mentally exhausted. Who will save us? I don’t need a pass to die. Bury my body in Kerala, if possible. Law is same for all. My death will take Malayalis in Chennai to Kerala. I can’t bear this. Only my family will face a loss. Laws are good, but it takes life of a person. My death is a protest by an expat,” Bineesh wrote in his suicide note.

He also noted down his mother’s phone number in the note. He applied for travel pass on May 30 through Malayali Association. As he got the pass, a seat was arranged for him in a bus to Malappuram on Tuesday. But the journey was cancelled after receiving a call from his place. Seven Wells Police charged a case in connection with the incident.

Bineesh’s brother-in-law Sajeevan said that they had arranged quarantine facilities for the former at the house in Vadakara. Bineesh’s wife Praveena and daughter Gowri Krishna were shifted to wife’s house and mother was shifted to a relative’s house before his arrival.

Bineesh has been working in tea stalls in Chennai for three years.

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