Malappuram millionaire sexually assaults 9-year-old with consent of ‘mother’ in theatre; police fail to act initially

The Kerala Police arrested Moideen Kutty, 50, for sexually assaulting a nine-year –old girl in a theatre at Edappal in Malappuram. Kerala. The assaulter committed the crime in presence of a woman who is believed to be the mother of the child.

Kutty is an influential businessman who owns jewelry shops in the Gulf. The man was simultaneously indulging in sexual acts with the woman who accompanied the girl.

Although the incident took place April 18, the police refused to take action, given the connections of the accused. The minor had to face a two-hour ordeal without realizing what was going on with her.

Although the torture was visible on the CCTV, the theatre authorities also did not intervene and handed over the culprit to the police.

The Kerala Police which has earned the notoriety for custodial torture has refused to act when this issue was brought to them. According to sources, one officer even laughed it away.

Malappuram and other northern districts witnessed violent protests in the wake of Asifa rape-and-murder case in Jammu and Kashmir. Interestingly, there has been no protests in this case as the culprit is a Muslim, said a netizens.

The only prominent person who spoke against the crime was Malayalam poetess Sugatha Kumari. Other Left-leaning so-called intellectuals have chosen to keep silent on the assault.