Majority “happy” over the brutal murder of a teacher, 8-month pregnant woman and a kid – Have you ever seen a community like Kerala’s?

While the country is yet to relieve from the gruesome murder of a teacher, his 8-month pregnant wife, and a tender kid of 9 years, a report on the incident that appeared in a Kerala media questions human conscience. Under the title, ‘RSS worker, his wife and kid murdered in West Bengal’ majority of readers reacted “happy”. However, the comment section has turned a platform for discussing the pathetic attitude of Kerala towards the shocking murder, though the deceased belong to RSS.

The news appeared in Mathrubhoomi, a prominent newspaper that claims the heritage of a century which was also famed for its support for nationalistic movements in the past. However, with Virendra Kumar a pro-LDF supporter owning the newspaper now, their initiatives including television channels have turned worse than that of the communist media while Kerala witnessed a number of anti-national and anti-Hindu propaganda by the channel.

Though the newspaper could claim that the readers’ reactions and comments doesn’t reflect the opinion of the newspaper, it is well known that comments appear only after being moderated by the admin of the news portal. There are a number of complaints too where the comments supporting right-wing are conveniently deleted by the admin without showing it to the public.

The newspaper is also notorious for its attitude for the union government where the reporters try to bring the maximum news that would defame the image of the union government. The satire on the union government is clearly readable even when the journalists provide a report of very positive news. However, the fact is that the majority of people in Kerala wakes up in the mornings to read such news and the same has great influence in Kerala’s social outlook too.

Earlier people and organisations who sensed the double standards have many a time called for denouncing Mathrubhoomi and other media outlets by the group. Though the shameless management afraid of the possible loss for the firms due to the attitude had apologized a number of times to Hindu community, their attempts to tarnish Hindu culture, organisations and the union government still continue.