Major Ravi alleges political agenda behind farmers’ protest

Mollywood director Major Ravi raised a sharp criticism against the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. He alleged that there is political agenda behind the protest.

“There is a political agenda behind the farmers’ protest. We all know it. I have heard that somebody sought clarification whether farmers will be allowed to question the denial of money from corporate companies. The protest will not end even after the Prime Minister clarifies this matter,” said Major Ravi during a Facebook live.

‘The new farm bill will benefit the farmers. The bill assures that the farmers will not lose the money he invested in agriculture. For example, if a farmer invests Rs 20 for farming onion, corporate companies will assure the farmers that they are ready to take onion for Rs 25. While harvesting, the farmers will get Rs 25 even after the price of onion falls to Rs 10. But if the price increases to Rs 30 to 40, the farmers will not get any amount more than the fixed Rs 25,” said Major Ravi.

He also pointed out that the newly enacted farm law did not mention whether the corporates will take responsibility for the payment of the assured amount. He noted that the farmers will not withdraw the protest even after the centre promises them that they will get the assured amount without any failure.