Ma Siddhidatri Devi

    O Mata Siddhidatri,

    The texts say I have reached the end

    Of my nine days of navratri upasana

    Prostrating at your feet

    I can present to you my heart’s desire

    And vest from you

    any of the special twenty six siddhis

    With which I could conquer the world

    But here I am looking at your serene hue

    Your loving gaze soft on us ignorant mortals

    Knowing not my strongest desire

    Having lost my laundary list of demands

    All I am is a pulsating being

    Energized and vibrating in your name

    Counting my blessings at your altar

    While performing the dhunuchi naach

    Accompanied with the deep beat of the dhak

    As i sway with the rythym of the MahaAarti

    The lamps fully lit and incenses burning

    Cymbals clanging and conches ringing

    Holding aloft as an offering

    the wide mouthed earthen dhunuchi

    Billowing the holy aromatic smoke

    Weaving back and forth, I am lost

    In the moment- in your worship

    Offering to you the aromatic smoke

    Of the intoxicating woody resin (benzoin)

    Slowly burning my inner vasanas

    On the coconut husk and coal

    The air rings with the chant of your name

    O mother, yet here I am

    nursing a feeling of being bereft

    The last nine days of joyous fervor

    To start the day with a stuthi to you

    To end the night contemplating about you

    I wish these colorful celebrations

    and festive fervor could continue

    Celebrating all the divine and feminine goodness

    Embodied by you O Mata Siddhidatri.



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