Maa nishada! Why this cruelty to these poor Ayyappa devotees?

    The first night of Mandala kaalam at Sannidhananam, the sanctum santorum of the Sabarimala temple. Harivarasanam lullaby melodiously sung for gently rocking the powerful energies to a calming state for the night. Even a non-believer will be swayed into chanting given the intensity of emotions emanating from the bhaktas

    I am chocked with emotions; so humbling to see the policemen bow to the deity as the concluding verses are sung and we so blessed sitting so far away to be able to witness the auspicious proceedings so piously followed by all present at Sannidhananam.

    It is very sad to hear the devotees will be forced to vacate the place despite the late night, forest terrain. Why the insistence to clear the place at night? When there, all the bhaktas want is the concrete floor for a couple of hours of rest before the Nada reopens. They have as much right to be there as the policemen, shopkeepers and temple authorities.

    Editor’s note: Manishada pratishtatum samagah sashvatisamah yat krouncha mithunadekam sokam avadhim kama mohitam (Meaning: How cruel you are to bring death to a joyfully seated dove). This is believed to the first verse in Sanskrit literature. This was uttered as a curse by Valmiki, the adi kavi.  Distressed at the sight of a hunter shooting an arrow at a male dove which was sitting with its partner.




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