Lost LDF Candidate in Delhi to have ministerial privileges; Kerala Government to spend Millions for ‘Special Representative’

Lost LDF Candidate in Delhi to have ministerial privileges; Kerala Government to spend Millions for ‘Special Representative’

While bankrupt Kerala is in front of the public with their begging bowl, another incident that exposes the extravagance of CPM led government has been reported from the state. Apart from bestowing A Sampat who lost in the recently held Lok Sabha Elections the historical position of ‘Special Representative’ of Kerala in Delhi, the government has also decided to allocate a personal staff with a record salary of more than 30,000, reports say.

It was on Saturday, the Public Administration Department approves the appointment of a Private Secretary, Assistant, Driver and Office Attendant for the Special Representative. Retired army officer CK Satish Babu was appointed as the private secretary. While the salary for the assistant is Rs 30,385, for Private Secretary it is 21,850 and for the driver and office attendant Rs 19,670 and 18,030 respectively. Surprisingly, the assistant is paid a higher salary than the private secretary.

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The office of A Sampath is based in the Resident Commissioner’s Office in Delhi through which Kerala Government so far managed to connect with the union government. However, the office is not ready for accommodating these staff, reports say quoting the officials. Officials are of the opinion that the government’s actions have been hampered by the granting of special status as a ‘political asylum’ for A Sampath. The commissioner is also dissatisfied with the appointment of new staff to the office of the resident commissioner who does not have space, the report further said.

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The CPM led Kerala government is notorious for posting their nearest and dearest in various government positions. While the fact is known to the majority of people in the state, often they are being silenced using various mechanisms of governance. While most of their kith and kin are being appointed to existing vacancies, new posts are being created using the special provisions.

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