Light a candle to get rid of your problems!

Ever wondered why we light diyas in temples and candles in churches? Why is the lighting of a diya or candle so important at places of worship or when you offer prayer at home? As we all know God is like an ocean lights and flame from diyas or candle flame represents this Supreme power. As a small candle in a dark room can illuminate the room, the same way it can reduce our stress and problems and heal our soul. The healing power of flames depends a lot on the intention with which we light the candle. The intention directs the flame where it is going to affect. So if you light a candle with an intention that the flame will burn down all your stress, it will do so even if after lighting the candle, you forget about it.

You can meditate with the candle before you light it. Put some lavender oil in your hands and hold the candle with both your hands and rub it. Think about what you want to heal while holding and rubbing the candle and then light up the candle. When you light it, make a wish or think of an intention so that as it melts, all your problems will disappear with this candle and a new beginning will take place in complete harmony and happiness. You will surely feel better once the candle melts completely. You can keep lighting the candle regularly for a week if the problem is bigger.

The ‘colours’ of the candles can also be very important, so choose the colour according to your wish. For example, if you are affected by feelings, light a baby pink candle, if you are losing money, use a brown colour candle, if your life is stuck, light up a magenta colour candle, purple candle can reduce your physical ailments and if you are not sure what is troubling you, just light up a white candle.

As the flames have to be used for healing in your life, remember the candles are made with 100 percent soy, beeswax, coconut wax, hemp oil, or some combination that doesn’t contain any paraffin. It’s not always a candle, and even lighting a diya with mustard oil can have the same effect. Just make sure the colour of the cotton batis are as per the problems you want to solve. It’s important that the diya is properly cleansed before you light it. Wash them properly in salt water, dry it and then use it.

Dr Madhu Kotiya is a renowned Tarot mentor, energy Vaastu expert, numerologist, a spiritual and a psychic healer