Life through the lens


    Prakriti is a photographer with a difference. Her models are young kids from the streets. At her age, any girl would want to be window shopping, watching movies or hanging around with a bunch of college friends with a casual attitude. But Prakriti Dutta is different. She spends most of her time with street children.

    Prakriti is pursuing her graduation in one of the most prestigious colleges of the capital. But she is  more satisfied spending her time with these kids. She involves the street children by clicking as many photos of them. And often trying to teach them photography.  

    “I identify myself as a socially conscious photographer who wants to show gritty realities of urban life, and in so doing expose both the vibrancy and diversity of the city and the plight and suffering of ordinary people.” Says Prakriti Dutta at The All India Media Educators Conference(AIMEC).

    Working on the theme of “Culture of India”,   her photos reflected the women who work on the streets trying to make ends meet. “On the street each successive wave brings a whole new cast of characters. If you keep paying attention, something will reveal itself. There is a lot of pain and struggle in the women who live on the streets. But whats mighty great abut them is that the will power to overcome pain, these are the expressions I am trying to capture. So that the world can understand their agony.” Says the young photographer.

    At Jaipur, where 300 delegates from various countries participated, Senior photographers like Krishna Paranjpe and DG IIMC KG Suresh were touched by what she inculcated  on her photography.

    “Anybody from a cycle mechanic, vegetable vendor to street children of any juggis are my models. I love their natural expression that comes straight from their heart.” says the young enthusiastic photographer



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